Our Support Team

Cindy Smeins

Client Services Specialist

Cindy derives a great deal of professional and personal satisfaction in guiding prospective clients through the various options available to achieve their goals. She takes the time to visit and help them easily understand how we can help and which attorney would be the best fit.

Where did you grow up? On a farm outside of Pierpont, South Dakota

Where did you go to college? Nettleton College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

What led you to the paralegal field? I started working for attorneys after graduation from college and wanted to have an active role in helping others.

What is your community involvement? I am active in my church, volunteer at the Worthing Dinner theater, the Banquet, and the Helpline Center.

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I admire….my parents who taught me the value of working hard and being honest.

Little known facts about me? While in college, I worked as a manual elevator operator.

When I am not spending time with my Legacy Family, I am with my family preparing meals, decorating cakes, or playing with my grandchildren. I also enjoy spending time with friends, walking my dog, and riding bike.

Quirky Habits? Listening to a favorite song over and over and over again.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Food – caramel candy
  • Movie – Any romantic comedy
  • Book – I would rather watch a movie but enjoy self-help books such as “How Full is your Bucket” by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton, Ph. D. and enjoyed reading the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer
  • Song – 60’s music, country music and old hymns
  • Place – Anyplace with friends and family. The Sea of Galilee is the most memorable place I have visited.

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