Why Advance Directives are Needed

A woman was clear about her wishes before she had a stroke — in the case of a serious medical event, she did not want a feeding tube. She had even expressed her wishes in an advance directive, years before her stroke.

What Is a Pour-Over Will?

When you create a living trust, you also sign a pour-over will. One of the main benefits of a trust is avoiding a court proceeding on death called probate, which is when wills are used.

Trust Administration – Keep Costs and Complications Down

You took the right steps to protect those you love and everything you have worked hard for by setting up a trust with your estate plan.  Now your loved ones have nothing to worry about when you are gone, right?  Well, not exactly. Although your loved ones may know exactly how you want things handled, […]

The Art of Being a Smart Snowbird

In the next few months, thousands of northerners — so-called “snowbirds” — will escape their snowy, cold climates to spend the winter in warm, sunny spots in the southern or western part of the United States.

‘Someday’ Is Sooner than You Think

Almost every day I hear someone mention the topic of caring for aging parents. It seems only yesterday that my friends and I were swapping colic-coping methods, survival techniques for the terrible twos and picky eater solutions.