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How to Plan for Long-Term Care Costs

A one-bedroom apartment in an assisted-living facility will cost you $194 per day–or about $71,000 per year. A home health aide will set you back $25 per hour, or $1,000 for a 40-hour week. Not scared yet?

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More Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Will

The death of pop star Prince is an extreme example of what can happen when people die without a will. After he died in 2016, long-lost ‘relatives’ came out of the woodwork, claiming to be his wife, child, brother, sister or distant relative.

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Choosing an Active Adult Community

…if you’re contemplating moving into an age-restricted community, finding one that’s right for you takes work. While active adult communities generally offer the opportunity for a lower-maintenance (and sometimes lower cost) lifestyle, they vary enormously.

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