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C19 UPDATE: CDC Updates Coronavirus Guidance for Businesses

C19 UPDATE: CDC Updates Coronavirus Guidance for Businesses As we learn more about the coronavirus the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is updating the guidance they give to business owners and employers. They issued updates on Friday, March 21st to include Updated cleaning and disinfection guidance Updated best practices for conducting social distancing Updated strategies…

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What Did Kobe Bryant Do for Estate Planning?

The list of wealthy black celebrities who have died without a will in place is a significant one. Names on the list include Prince, who died with a net worth of about $300 million without having a will. So did John Singleton, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix and the great Bob Marley, to name but a few.

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Can an Elder Law Attorney Help My Family?

Elder Law, a relatively new development thanks to prolonged life expectancy, is a branch of the law that serves the needs of the elderly and the disabled as well as their family. As many of you who are caregivers may already know, Elder Law covers an impressive range of client issues, both legal and financial.

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