Legacy Law Firm, P.C., is currently looking to hire a rock star attorney who has a service-orientated frame of mind even before having morning coffee; someone who enjoys learning something new every day, but can also hammer out routine work that must be done to keep moving matters forward; and someone who is motivated by their desire to do the highest quality of work with the underlying belief that we are put on this planet to help others and not just ourselves.  Legacy Law Firm is a boutique law firm focusing in estate planning, elder law and business planning.  We have the honor of helping clients who are starting a business or starting a family, taking their business to the next level or protecting assets for the next generation.  In short, we help people protect what matters most.  We have a fast-paced practice and don’t have “slow days.”  If you are looking to join a team that believes in collaboration, entrepreneurialism, and everyone rowing together in the same direction and at the same speed, and you value integrity, excellence, positivity and stewardship, let’s visit!  Who should not apply for this position?  If you still don’t know the difference between “there,” “their” and “they’re”; you’re a problem adopter and not a problem solver; if you like “slow days”; or if you were the student who needed mom or dad to remind you about your homework or projects.  The person we hire will be self-reliant.  This person will ask questions but will never make excuses.  Most importantly, the person we hire will have a “can-do” and positive attitude.  Please send a resume and cover letter explaining your interest in our firm, any relevant experience, and what you are looking for in a practice.  Please send to [email protected].  All applications will be received in the strictest of confidence as we understand that rock stars may currently be on tour with another group while looking for a better gig.