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How Do I Change My Will?

You don’t want to cause a fight over these items, after your dad is gone.

Many parents have wills that were drafted years ago. Now they want to leave some specific items to people. Those are items not specifically mentioned in the will.

How can he change his will? Can he just write this list and sign it in front of a notary, or does he need to have his will changed?

If you’re the personal representative or executor of the estate and don’t want your father to have to spend more money to add these items to the will, how is it done?

Many states allow you to leave a separate personal property list apart from your will.  To be admissible, the list must be signed by the testator and must describe the items and recipients in a clear manner. This list can be prepared before or after the will is signed.  It is best to mention in the will that the testator may leave a separate personal property list so that the personal representative/executor is aware that the testator may choose to prepare one.  A testator cannot use this list to distribute money – only tangible personal property.

This list can be amended or revoked. It should be kept with the will or given to the personal representative/executor, so he or she knows about it and can ensure it is followed.

A separate personal property list is a great way to designate items of personal property to certain individuals, especially if the testator wants to make frequent updates without visiting an attorney each time he does so.

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