Uncommon knowledge and understanding of business.

Our Co-Founders have gone through the educational process to become certified value growth advisors and certified exit planner advisors, which they use this knowledge when working clients under Valorem, LLC. 
Visit www.ValoremLLC.com to learn more.  For our legal planning, it just helps us make sure we don’t lose sight that legal planning should support and work for the business to maximize its value.

Design Your Future and Dominate Your Market

We counsel your business through employee matters, franchising, mergers, acquisitions, licensing, asset purchases and joint ventures.  But most importantly, we go well above legal transactions and help you create real value for your business.

Most business owners think their business is worth far more than the business is actually worth, and unfortunately, most owners only find out what their business is actually valued at when they decide to transition out and experience the harsh realities of the market.  Having waited until they want or need an immediate exit, most owners often have little time left to impact the value of their businesses.  This means many business owners either settle for much less than they expect, or take short-term measures to try to increase value, but end up harming value in the process.  The great news is that most private companies have an opportunity to double their businesses’ values over a 3 – 5 year period by focusing on value creation.  For our clients who want to focus on increasing the value of their business, we offer our Valorem Plan.  Our Valorem Plan provide general counsel services to businesses in a wide range of industries and sizes, which allows us to draw on diverse legal experience to advise our business clients in the best possible way on how to increase their businesses’ values.  For clients who really want to focus on doubling the value of their business, they will work with Valorem, LLC. Visit www.ValoremLLC.com to learn more.