Medicaid Applications

In many situations, a family can do their own Medicaid application without any problems, especially when there is simply nothing left for assets or income. However, when there are assets or if any sort of planning has been previously done, having professional help is beneficial.

The Medicaid application process is time consuming, paper intensive, and can be overwhelming for families. Not completing the application properly can be damaging and costly. We see folks who apply for Medicaid too early, which can result in a longer ineligibility period in some instances. We also see folks who apply for Medicaid too late, which can mean the loss of many months of eligibility.

Medicaid is a complicated field that most people deal with only once in their lives. It’s penny wise and pound foolish not to consult with elder law attorneys who specialize in guiding clients through the process. Our initial meetings are free of charge, so contact us today to visit.