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Two years ago my wife had a stroke, but it was difficult to diagnose, and we didn’t know exactly how serious her condition was. In the end, the doctors were amazed that she survived it. It was at the time that I realized firsthand how critical it is to have documents in place in case of any kind of emergency or crisis. While we had executed a Will and POA documents at our local attorney’s office, the work Legacy Law Firm has done for us is much more comprehensive and well thought out. I lost my parents several ago, but I think often of wise things they shared with me. My father often said, ‘There’s a lot of peace of mind in having a roof shingled, reviewing one’s insurance, putting new tires on a car, etc.’ My wife and I often say to each other, ‘There’s a lot of peace of mind in having our trust and other documents done very well.’” “In this age of computers, faxes, Skype, cellphones, etc., it works well to have a law firm two hours away. That would not have been true 40 or 50 years ago. It is worth every mile and every dollar! Also, my wife and I appreciate the flat fee approach to legal work and being able to have our trust and other documents reviewed on a regular basis. We will definitely continue to work with Legacy Law Firm.

– S.B. – Paulina, IA