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Strategies to Tackle the Unpredictable Future

Learn more about some basic strategies to simplify estate planning.

Estate Planning Essentials 

Many people think they don’t need an estate plan. They say to themselves “Only wealthy people need estate plans,” or “Estate planning is only for old people and I’m still young,” or “I’m too busy right now but maybe someday I’ll make a plan.” The truth is that everyone should have an estate plan of their own and they should do it sooner rather than later. Download our booklet to learn more.

Six Major Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting an Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning isn’t easy and it shouldn’t be done lightly. The consequences of making a bad decision in this area won’t be felt until you’re gone or unable to manage your affairs. And, unlike bad financial decisions, which you might correct while you’re alive, you will not be in a position to remedy estate planning mistakes. Download our guide by clicking the link above to learn more.

The First 7 Steps to Take After Losing a Loved One

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be traumatic. At best, it is difficult and confusing period which can last an indeterminate time. You do not need to shoulder the extra burden of mining through the myriad documents associated with a lifetime of financial affairs, business dealings and transactions. We have put this guide together to help you understand the seven steps you should take immediately after a loved one has passed away.

Planning For Your Family's Future: Revocable Living Trust Guide

Most families could greatly benefit from a Legacy Law Firm, P.C. Living Trust Plan. Our planning is ideal for young families and those of us later on in years, providing many benefits during your lifetime and after. Download our guide by clicking the link above to learn more.

Understanding Medicaid Guide

If you’re helping an aging parent navigate Medicaid because they don’t have long-term care insurance or you think you’ll need it yourself someday, it’s important to understand how the program works. Download our guide to learn the Medicaid basics.

Unintended Consequences of Not Having an Estate Plan Guide

Many people believe that estate planning only for the wealthiest of families. The truth is that everyone can benefit from having an estate plan. In fact, without a plan of your own, you and your loved ones may suffer some costly and emotionally painful consequences.

How to Have "That Conversation" with Aging Parents

Over the course of your life you’ve likely had plenty of emotional conversations with your parents. But few conversations are tougher than talking to them about the fact that they are getting older and may need some help. Here are some tips to hold these difficult conversations.

7 Worst Medicaid Planning Mistakes 

Medicaid planning is complicated, ever-changing area of the law. Here are the seven worst Medicaid planning mistakes.

South Dakota Dynasty Trust

If you are looking to preserve family wealth, leave a lasting legacy, and minimize taxes, you may want to consider a South Dakota Dynasty Trust.

South Dakota Asset Protection Trusts 101

South Dakota has unique laws that allows grantors of.a South Dakota Asset Protection Trust (SDAPT), commonly known as a Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT), the ability to shelter assets.

South Dakota Asset Protection Trust

Protecting your assets in the "new normal" world.

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