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Carbon Pipeline Easements: What you Need to Know

Even though there is news that Summit Carbon Solutions has filed eminent domain lawsuits against landowners, this is not the only course of action for a landowner.  For some landowners, considering a carbon pipeline easement can have a financial benefit, but probably more significantly, can help control outcomes versus going to court and potentially having a bad result.

If you are approached by Summit Carbon Solutions, Navigator CO2 Ventures, and/or a contracting agent regarding a pipeline easement on your land, you still have the power to negotiate a mutually beneficial easement agreement. Keep in mind, just because certain language, clauses, and/or information is not in Summit Carbon Solutions’ initial easement agreement proposal does not mean that it can’t be added.

Like most contracts, these carbon pipeline easement agreements are negotiable to a certain extent and there are certain contract clauses that you should include in these easement agreements to protect yourself and your land.  Whenever you are thinking about signing an easement, it’s important to understand your rights and risks.  Easements are complex legal contracts. 

Make sure you have a contract lawyer who has experience negotiating carbon pipeline easements.  Give Legacy Law Firm  a call at 605-275-5665 to help protect your property and rights in a carbon pipeline easement.