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Does Your Side Hustle Need an LLC?

Depending on the type of side hustle you are operating, you may need an LLC in order to help mitigate your liability risks. From a liability perspective, whether you are offering services or selling products to customers, disputes and claims against you as the service provider or seller may arise.

One way to help mitigate your liability exposure from potential disputes and claims related to your side hustle is to operate your side hustle out of an LLC.

Operating your side hustle out of an LLC will help you separate your personal liabilities from your side hustle liabilities. This means that disputes and claims resulting from services offered or products sold from your side hustle will be against the LLC and not against you personally.

This can help protect your personal assets held outside of the LLC, such as your home, from liabilities associated with your side hustle. To learn more about how you can mitigate your liability risks, please contact us and schedule a free consultation meeting with one of our business attorneys 605-275-5665.