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How to Develop an Employee Handbook

An employee handbook can be a valuable communication resource for both the employer and the employee. It provides guidance and information related to the organization's history, mission, values, policies, procedures and benefits in a written format. Handbooks can provide protection for employers against claims of discrimination or unfair treatment. It is important that employers do not interfere with “employment-at-will” status by including the appropriate disclaimers. Employers should review and revise their handbook on at least an annual basis to account for changes to the law and to ensure policies are being consistently followed. Employees should sign an Handbook acknowledgement form upon hire, and annually.

It is important to have legal review of your new, or revised, Employee Handbook. Legacy Law Firm can assist the Employer to ensure the relevant notices are included, the handbook does not contain statements that may create contractual agreements, and spot and revise policies that may lead to future employer liability. Contact us today to create or review an Employee Handbook customized to your company and industry.