Be Educated

You can create an estate plan, start a business or complete a Medicaid application without a lawyer. There are even numerous software programs and online services to help you do so. After all, we live in a DIY world. However, when it comes to estate planning, business planning and elder law, “doing it yourself” can lead to financially catastrophic problems for you and the people you love. An attorney with experience in these specialized areas of the law has the judgment and knowledge necessary to avoid potential pitfalls and advise the best course of action for each individual situation. Moreover, a good attorney does more than prepare documents. He or she serves as your trusted advisor and can find innovative solutions to help you realize your dreams and ensure your legacy.

The fact is, every person, family and business is unique, with very specific dynamics, concerns and goals. A lawyer can take these into account and provide customized planning capable of meeting your goals and anticipating potential problems down the road.

You should know that many attorneys actually earn more revenue “fixing” problems created by individuals using one-size-fits-all software programs, online services and general practitioners than they do from creating customized plans for their own clients. You wouldn’t go to a neurosurgeon to perform heart surgery, and you shouldn’t have a divorce attorney handle your planning. Estate planning, elder law and business planning are complex areas of law. It is often more economical, and ultimately safer, to have an experienced attorney design and implement your plan. Isn’t protecting the people you care about most and realizing your dreams worth the investment?

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